How to install Latest Exodus on Kodi (2017)

If you’re worried about Kodi i recomend a good reliable VPN

IpVanish –

Very important to make sure you turn on install from unknown sources
version number maybe slightly different but process is the same

Ive done a new video as the first one was a bit too fast, ive also added audio comentary to this Guide

same technique should work on all devices ,? subscribe to my channel for more videos on how to install builds and add ons and other software , ?subscribe and share
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, don’t let ppl be charged to install free software ??

Watch out for the buttons turning blue on where to click
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  1. I purchased the new fire stick with Alexa and I downloaded Kodi. Now I am trying to download Echocoder and it is giving me an error message”Couldn’t retrieve directory information”. Please help!!

    • Virginia Hughes I’m having the same issue. Exodus is also being funny. When I click on a movie or tv show it just loads. It’s not my internet connection. I’m positive.

    • Same problem. My network connection in Kodi/settings/system information/network….it keeps bouncing from connected to busy. I’m sure this has something to do with this issue. Any solutions to this?

    • Exodus has a setting within itself and you can change it to auto play. you can YouTube it. how to get Exodus to play like Netflix

  2. HOW THESE videos age. your instructions does not cut it anymore. I think the game is up tried 16.1 install no luck there same as 17.1 looks like its installed but when you click on a year or a tv show nothing opens, anymore suggesttions? just got a new stick yesterday, I think Azon have caught on now, 20 videos watched no succes

  3. Having trouble, when i press install from zip file and then press fusion, theres nothing in file? Please help, spelling is correct i tried multiple times

  4. At the 4.41 minutes and you have to click on fusion I just get the 2 little loading dots instead of clicking on kodi repos

  5. I’ve added fusion 3 times… and when ever I click install from zip file.. there’s nothing there.. no begin here, or anything.


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