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All Kodi addons and XBMC plugins
Download Kodi addons and XBMC plugins from SuperRepo. They have over 2.400 addons in their index including the top 10 video addons and best live streams. Supercharge your tv or multimedia center for free in 3 minutes.

How to install FUSION & HUB WIZARD to get all the best sources:

How to install PHOENIX Add-on for XBMC/KODI:

How to install XFINITY repo on XBMC/KODI:

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  1. Hey Rayban. I installed super repo on my Cody and Sports devil is not on there either as a add on.. I’ve I stalled a few different ones and it seems like sports devil isn’t on any. I’m trying to add sports Devil to my Amazon Fire stick but is there a way to just do it manually. Thanks for all the great info u have posted. U have been a life saver. I’ve cancelled my cable I don’t need it anymore.

    • Hi,

      Sports Devil is down, last I heard they were trying to revamp it. My assumption is that once it does come back they’ll have it with Hub Wizard. 

      I wouldn’t install Sports Devil, simply because what ever version you find out will most likely not work.

      Thanks for your support. I appreciate it!

  2. Hi I have gone as far as the source but I can’t seem to get any further , I put the correct super repo address in source but a message comes on screen Can’t connect to server ,which stops me from going any further I have been into settings to make sure wifi is on , but every time I try to add a source it the same message comes up which is stopping me adding more add-ons can you help please

  3. Hello sir I have a question on my gbox mx2 I have kodi 16.1 same with Jarvis 16.1 ok can I click on heilx will that work with kodi on my mx2 please help


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