The best add-on on xbmc or kodi for movies, tv shows, documentaries and more.

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Complete unofficial repo:


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  1. the addon looks great, but dont work in Android box, but this is an unofficial rep, so i  hope they work hard to make it also compatible with android box , thanks for this vid,

  2. Quoting Yesenia Vazquez…I do have the same problem, now in my computer (Windows OS)…Hi Solo, i am trying to install from zip file but the only option i have to choose from is the I dont get the repository option like you do. Please Help.

    • +Jesus Hernandez Belive it or not Jesus, there are a few add-ons, repos, live channels, etc in kodi that are geo blocked depending on location but california and miami shouldn’t differ but i know you’re just joking.

    • Well, when I tried with my AFTV I could get every thing installed…though it finally didn’t work…it my be my compu…but you see, Yesenia goes through the same problem…what I can’t understand is how you download a zip file 0.5.0 and you get a repository 0.1.0

    • By the way, I am watching another of your interesting videos and wanted to ask how can I find the list of the channels for IPTV to make my own Pastebin?

    • +Jesus Hernandez had same issue but fixed…there are two on 2nd one that says (source)..after,should see unofficial zip..then follow this vid step by step..will work..

  3. I see it on the video files but not in the program files not there when I open the download never seen the repository but it just said enabled pulsar not doing what you said in the video and I am not  a beginner at this something is off somewhere in this tutorial

  4. oneil saludos, mi pregunta es porq me sale de vez en cuando este mensaje: ONE OR MORE ITEMS FAILED TO PLAY CHECK THE FAILED TO PLAY,  no se si sera q me falta algun tipo de file , please deme una mano.

  5. Solo Man- i’m a nubile to Kodi and was wondering what I do when I have issue with movies/show buffering? I’m also getting messages about my cache being full even though I’ve already cleared it out.

  6. Hi, tnk you for all these videos I need to ask u if u can help me out with this I’m new to all this, I purchased a Android box from some one in my area of Miami & he left me hanging here with no technical support help & no answer of calls so I’m on here searching for some kind of help

    • To be completely frank with you, if you’re starting out installing repos & add-ons i would recommend watching a bunch of videos in order to get familiarized with the different options available in kodi. There is a huge resource here on youtube for everything kodi related, use it IT’S ALL FREE 🙂

    • Ok frankly speaking, I’m a visual learner I’m self & technically savvy if u show me a video on a subject I’m going to learn & do wat I’m watching step by step youtube is my classroom, do if you send me some links to howto 101 I’ll be greatly appreciated

    • I sent you a pretty good video about integrating the iptv stalker with iVUE epg guide and the pvr simple client. You’ll love it when you see them together in action.

    • See what you need to knw is if you knw were to look it’s easy but also it’s all about the correct typing yo find the right site search is wat i learned, don’t I tried some of these & don’t knw if updated or not but some didn’t work as displayed

    • +Faisal Barbhuiya (Fezz) TVaddons is nothing but a setup with pre-determined addons already selected for you. Pulsar is a universal media search engine which collects movies and shows from all over the web.

  7. I’m a bit scared to deal with torrents. Is it anything like downloading torrents when I watch a movie on this? My IP had warned me about it and I don’t wanna risk anything.

  8. kodi is installed. I have Genesis and Phoenix add-ons installed. When I try search for a movie or TV show, nothing happens.

  9. The links you have given below wants you to download odm.exe from opendownloadmanager and is not a zip file but an exe file

    • What are torrents? and what notice will you get from your ISP? And why didn’t Solo Man reply to this comment in his defense?

  10. I have gotten where I mainly use apk.s on my Android box I love terrarium but I would also like to find a live TV app that covers the major NBC CBS ABC etc
    but I wanted to let you know you do a great job with these videos thank you


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