The Hyper TT build converted to Kodi 16 Jarvis. Powerful build with a simple layout to give you everything you need from your kodi device


Video Add ons include
IPTV King, IPTV Stalker, UFO , I4ATV, IsraeLive, GenieTV, 1Channel, 9Movies, 123Movies, Cartoons8, Castaway, Cloud TV, ccloud tv, channel pear, cypher wizard, dexterTV, Empflix, Genesis, Gorilla Streams 2.0, More Power, Moviestorm, Navi-X, Niter, Phoenix, Sports Devil, Stalker TV, SALTS, Stream All the sources, ToonMania, Velocity, Vevo, Video devil, Vodlocker

For live TV to work you must go into system – TV – and then enable

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  1. JUST updated 15.2 builds. a few links updated . more backgrounds and update fixed. Non Adult Version Added for 15.2 . Includes stand up comedy and documentaries

  2. Small update made to kodi 16 version of hyper TT – tried to fix bugs and included new addons – Update now if using kodi 16 – a proper update will follow this weekend

  3. awsome build i subbed to your channel one question wil you update this build when kodi 17 comes out? i also safed the wizard on my usb stick if the repository goes down i always have your wizzard

  4. I tried with 16 several times, then downloaded 16.1 still wasn’t able to download it. the download would get up to about 80% then an error message

  5. Apologies if you’ve covered this, but just turned on kodi, and it’s now Krypton, and says your build is incompatible. I’ve tried to install both hyper and ultra, neither now work. Has this been sorted already somehow?


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